So It Begins

Preparation for the FooCuties project launch is now underway, with many of the tasks in Q1 completed, as outlined on the roadmap (Including making the roadmap itself!).

White paper is about 75% written and will soon be ready to publish and make available to the public. All that is pretty much left to do is the Airdrop plan, Disclosure page, and T/A of the project.

The website is already accessible via custom domain name. There are a few more things that need to be completed, including a Supporter page and Forms that are needed. Total Cost: 3.57 USD

FQT Token has been created and paid for, including the wallets it needed and an extra one as a Donation Wallet. Verification through Bithomp or XRPscan still needed but will be done later tonight. I have to wait for it to show up on the XRP Ledger first. Total Cost: 96 XRP. Estimated launch date 01/16/2022. If unable to launch on that date (as not everything needed was not completed), the anticipated Launch Date will be 01/23/2022. Fingers crossed I get everything done in time, but…..I am one person, after all.

Sending love! — Lewna



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Foocuties NFT

Foocuties NFT


A NFT Collection featuring cute characters made out of favorite food items to help benefit those who are suffering from food insecurity.