Airdrop Update

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3 min readJan 23, 2022


Just wanted to clarify a few things before posting the Trustline QR code.


Airdrop is being done through the XRPL trustlines. This can be connected through the Xumm app.

If you set the trustline before the release date of 1/23/2022, the line will no longer be qualified. We are accounting for time zone differences.

If your line was disqualified because you set it before, you can fill out the re-entry form, located on our website at

All participants must fill out the Airdrop Qualification form.

SO, if you set the trustline before 1/23/2022, you have to fill out both forms. If you set it on or after 1/23/2022, you just need to fill out the Qualification form.

Because of the differences in time zones, and to make it more fair, when the lines are added for the airdrop, they will be randomized.

Only one trustline per person. I am blacklisting accounts we find that have more than one trustline set or if it is discovered you are an Airdrop Farmer…and believe me, I have been checking.


This airdrop is for the XRP community, utilizing the XRP Ledger and it’s trustlines. Airdrop will not be sent to those who are submitting wallets from other networks.

I am aware of the time zone differences and considering that there is a set date, the differences around the world are being taken into account. I will be back tracking to the farthest time (24 hours).

In order to make it fair across the board, your position in the trustline order will not be considered. The order of the list will be randomized. This is because of the time zone differences giving an edge to others who are ahead of the rest.

I have been finding accounts that have 10 wallets deep with several wallets connected to each, for totals of more than 20 wallets. These are connecting to trustlines in order to farm more tokens from airdrops. This is unfair to those who are following the rules of one trustline per person and are trying to cheat their way into more tokens. There are also bots set up that farm tokens that are newly created. These rules are set that way to help minimize these issues as much as possible.

Below you can find the QR code to the Trustline as well as the QR codes to the Forms. Stay beautiful all!



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